Scholarship Winner Braylon Yang’s First Program Choice Was Not Cybersecurity

Braylon Yang

Braylon Yang is Lakeshore’s first recipient of a “Cyber Skills for All: Community Colleges Lead the Way” scholarship.

Braylon Yang, IT-Cybersecurity Specialist program student, is Lakeshore Technical College’s first recipient of scholarships made available thanks to the “Cyber Skills for All: Community Colleges Lead the Way” initiative. Ironically, IT-Cybersecurity Specialist wasn’t Braylon’s first program choice.

“I was originally in the Computer Support Specialist program my first year but then switched to Cybersecurity. The reason I switched was because I felt that Cybersecurity would be more valuable to learn in my IT career. Also, Cybersecurity sounds cool in general, learning how to hack and defend against hacks sounds interesting,” says Braylon.

Braylon knows cybersecurity is a fast-growing field vital to every industry and workplace. Specialists are on the frontlines defending against hackers, online fraudsters, and other crooks. Braylon is also well aware of the high demand for cybersecurity professionals and the potential for lucrative career opportunities in the field.

Choosing Lakeshore
As a senior at Manitowoc Lincoln High School, Braylon was initially uncertain about his post-graduation plans until friends told him about an IT program at Lakeshore. Braylon liked working with computers so after looking into his options, he chose to pursue an IT education. The primary reason he chose Lakeshore was that it is close to his Manitowoc home. 

“This helped me with expenses and helped me stay comfortable as a student,” says Braylon. “I did not want to make any big commitments if I knew that I was not going to be interested, like moving into a college far from home that I did not like. Overall, Lakeshore Technical College was my final decision because it was what I was most comfortable with.”

Also helping with expenses is Braylon’s Promise Scholarship, a Lakeshore scholarship offered to qualifying high school seniors. Feeling comfortable and having fewer worries about how to pay for college might be contributing to his academic success: Braylon has made the dean’s list every semester.

Gaining Real Experience for the Real World
Lakeshore students and employees may be familiar with Braylon through his job on the Help Desk, where he is gaining real IT-focused experience. “This Help Desk experience has taught me the basics of IT. I have gotten a taste of the more advanced parts of IT. I am glad that Lakeshore Technical College has accepted me as a student worker because it lets me go to school and work as well,” says Braylon. 

Mike Grambow, Chief Information Officer, appreciates Braylon’s efforts during the 20 hours he works each week. “We’re happy to have Braylon on our team. He completes his assigned tasks in a timely manner and works well with our customers.”

Preparing to Enter the Workforce
Taking three dual credit classes in high school worth 10 Lakeshore credits helped Braylon move smoothly through his two-year program, putting him on track to graduate in May 2024. His goal is to find a job in the Manitowoc/Sheboygan area. With so many facets to cybersecurity, he’s not quite sure what he wants to focus on. After he finds what fits him best, Braylon plans to further his education in that area. 

Regardless of his chosen path, Braylon's dedication and skills assure his potential for success in safeguarding employers and coworkers from cybersecurity threats.

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