Financial Aid Checklist

Complete the checklist below if you wish to apply for the following financial aid options: federal and state grants, federal loans, and/or the Federal Work Study Program.

Apply for Admission

You must be accepted into a financial aid eligible program at Lakeshore to receive aid. You can complete the admissions application either before or after completing the FAFSA; however, please note that your financial aid award package will not be determined until you have applied and accepted into your program. Apply for admissions now.

Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Gather required information
  2. Get an FSA ID
  3. Complete and submit the FAFSA
  4. Review the Student Aid Report (SAR) that you will receive from the U.S. Department of Education

Complete Documentation

Before you can receive your aid, you must complete all items requested by the Lakeshore Financial Aid Office. To view your required items, log into your MyLTC, click Student Center, and click on the Tasks tile. If there are required forms, complete them on the Financial Aid Forms tile from the Student Resources Page of your MyLTC.

Review Awards

Your next step is to receive an award notification email containing the details of your financial aid award and what type of financial aid you will be receiving. Review the different types of aid below.

  1. Grants
  2. Loans
  3. Work Study Opportunities

Receiving Your Aid

Review the items below to understand how the process of receiving your financial aid -- called disbursement -- works:

  1. Your financial aid funds are applied directly towards your unpaid Lakeshore balance first.  (This may include tuition, fees, and other charges relating to your program).  If your credited aid exceeds your Lakeshore charges, the Student Billing Department will refund you. You can be refunded via:
    1. Paper Check – no action is required by you except to keep your address current with us
    2. Direct Deposit – as set up by you; here’s how
  2. If your charges (existing balance) exceed your financial aid funds, you are required to pay the balance.
  3. Your loan award for the academic year (June – May) is disbursed equally among all terms in which you are enrolled in at least halftime (6 credits).
  4. Financial aid funds for fall and spring terms are disbursed approximately the third week of the official academic term.  summer financial aid is disbursed after July 1.  Thereafter funds are disbursed weekly. 
  5. Financial aid is term-specific.  Only financial aid for a specific term is disbursed during the disbursement period.
  6. If you are attending more than one academic year, be sure to reapply for financial aid using the correct tax information.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Delays

  • Keep your address updated with Lakeshore.
  • Take care of "holds" which prohibit release of funds.
  • If receiving a student loan for the first time, complete your entrance loan counseling and master promissory note.

  • Be sure to be enrolled and participating classes that are required for your program
  • Check campus email

Exiting School

Students having borrowed student loans who have graduated, withdrawn from school or are  not taking 6 or more credits per term will begin repayment or their grace period.  Be sure to review the “repaying student loans” section found here.