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Enrollment Status

Financial aid enrollment status is based on the number of financial aid eligible credits in which you are enrolled. Some courses are not eligible for financial aid and cannot be included in the enrollment status. View a complete list of financial aid eligible programs.

  • Your enrollment status must be at least half time to be eligible for state grants and loans.
  • Federal grants are prorated based on your enrollment status.

The enrollment status for ten (10) and fifteen (15) week terms at LTC is as follows:

Enrollment Status 10 or 15 Week Term
Full Time 12 credits or more
Three Quarter 9 to 11 credits
Half Time 6 to 8 credits
Less than Half Time Less than 6 credits

How Enrollment Status Affects Your Financial Aid

Your financial aid award email notification indicates the financial aid aid for which you are qualified based upon your current enrollment. If you are not enrolled, your awards are based on full-time enrollment status. Your financial aid award will be adjusted when you do enroll in classes.

Enrollment status is determined as of the census date for the Federal Pell Grant. The census date for fall and spring is at midnight of the 14th day of the official academic term. The census date for summer is at midnight of the 7th day of the official academic term. Changes to enrollment status may result in financial aid eligibility being recalculated.

Adjustments to financial aid enrollment status can result in having to repay part of your financial aid (loans and grants) immediately.