Frequently Asked Questions


What is a competency?

  • A competency is a skill, knowledge, or ability a student will learn and demonstrate mastery of. This is what the student will be able to do upon the completion of the course. The competencies of a program are needed for a particular career, ensuring that the material is relevant and that students are workplace ready for their chosen field.

How quickly do courses move along?

  • You choose how quickly you move through your courses. If you quickly pick up the skills and knowledge required to show competency in a course, you can complete it and move forward as soon as you’re ready. If you find more time is needed to become competent in the skills and knowledge required, you can take more time. You always have until the end of the semester to complete a course.

What is the timeframe for completing courses?

  • Please see your class schedule to identify the course end date. 

What sort of grading scale is used?

  • In CBE, demonstrating the skills and knowledge to meet industry standards is what we are looking for. We use a Superiorly Met (A), Met (B), and Not Met (F) grading scale. 

Do CBE programs cost the same?

  • Yes. The cost per credit is the same as a traditional program. 

Can federal or other financial aid be used for CBE?

  • Yes, and the best part is as you add classes, you may receive additional financial aid. Talk to one of our Financial Aid Advisors today to learn more, financialaid@gotoltc.edu

Can I set up a payment plan?

  • Yes. Talk with your Program Counselor/Advisor to learn more. 

If I already have certain skills or knowledge, can I get credit for them?

How do I apply for a CBE program?

  • The application process is the same for all our programs. If you’re ready to apply, click here and choose Sign Up!

Can I attend part-time or full-time?

  • You set the schedule. You work with your Program Counselor/Advisor to find a time that best fits your life and keeps you on pace to complete coursework by the end of the semester. Please note that on-campus CBE courses may have limited times they are available.