Tanya Wasmer

Strategy and Outreach exercises responsibility for the functions of institutional research, grant creation and management, marketing, and student recruitment and admissions. Institutional research includes establishing its respective governance and execution through data collection, analysis, data distribution, and the creation of actionable data metrics supporting the continuous improvement process and management decision making. The marketing function assimilates and correlates internal and external communications through the college public website, social media, and extensive publications and advertising media. Additional responsibilities include leading the College’s strategic and operational planning processes and supporting college-wide efforts to maintain Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation.

Member of the LTC Team since 2013.

Tanya Wasmer holds an Associate Degree in Accounting from Lakeshore Technical College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Management from Silver Lake College, and a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Organizational Behavior from Silver Lake College.  Tanya is seeking a Doctorate in Adult Learning and Development with a concentration in Community College Leadership from Northwestern State University with an anticipated completion date of May 2023. 

Tanya is an active member of Sheboygan Early Bird Rotary.

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Tanya Wasmer
Vice President of Strategy and Outreach