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The Medical Coder program allows students to work at their own pace to prepare students for employment as entry level coding specialists in health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, physician practice groups, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and home healthcare agencies. Medical coders are also employed in consulting firms, coding and billing services, insurance companies, governmental agencies, and computer software companies. The medical coder reviews medical documentation provided by physicians and other health care providers and translates this into numerical codes. The coders assign and sequence diagnostic and procedural codes using universally recognized coding systems. Several uses of coded data are for payment of health care claims, statistics, and medical research.

Career Area
Health Science
Technical Diploma
Program Number
  • Technical Diploma
  • Flexible Starting Dates
  • 2 Terms 
  • 31 Credits
  • Financial Aid Eligible

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Career Outlook

Medical Coder

Median Income: $43,989.00*


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Apply knowledge of healthcare and information systems to assist in the design, development, and continued modification and analysis of computerized healthcare systems. Abstract, collect, and analyze treatment and followup information of patients. May educate staff and assist in problem solving to promote the implementation of the healthcare information system. May design, develop, test, and implement databases with complete history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status to help monitor diseases.


Compile, process, and maintain medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the healthcare system. Classify medical and healthcare concepts, including diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment, into the healthcare industry’s numerical coding system. Includes medical coders.


Perform routine administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, or providing information to callers.



*As with any survey data, the wages presented here are prone to error and sampling bias. Educational decisions should not be entirely based on the data presented here. Graduate Outcome Survey data is from 2021-22 Lakeshore graduates.


Work with Admissions Advisor to:

  • Submit Application
  • Complete the Background Information Disclosure.
  • Complete the Student Success Questionnaire.
  • Complete Technical Standards form.
  • Schedule your First Time Program Counseling/Registration Session with your assigned program counselor to plan your first semester schedule, review your entire plan of study and discuss the results of the Student Success Questionnaire.

*Submit transcripts and test scores (optional, highly recommended): College transcripts, along with high school transcripts and test scores from within the last five years, used for course registration. Official transcripts needed for transferring college credit(s) and for financial aid purposes.


Work with your Program Counselor to:

  • Complete Health form.

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